Check stub maker is a tool that helps you create check stubs online. It is an online software that allows you to create customized check stubs. A check stub is a document that shows the details of your paycheck. Check stub maker is a very useful tool if you are looking for a tool to create check stubs online.

Check Stub Maker Online

Check Stub Maker Online is an easy to use tool where you can create professional-looking check stubs from scratch within minutes. You can use it to print paystubs and print checks for free, or save them as PDF documents, Excel spreadsheets or Word documents for later use or archiving purposes.

How To Use Check Stub Maker Online?

To start, simply click on ‘Create’ button on top of the page and then select one of the options available in drop-down menu like ‘Create Blank Check Stub’, ‘Create Blank Paycheck’ etc., depending upon your requirement. Then enter all the required details like name, address, social security number etc., into respective fields provided in the form displayed on screen before clicking ‘New File’ button located at right top corner of screen next to ‘File Name’ field. Once you are done entering all the details, click on ‘Save’ button located at bottom right corner of screen to save the file. You can also choose to go with one of the pre-defined templates provided by the software and then edit it according to your needs.

After saving the file, a blank check stub is automatically generated which you can print out using your printer. You can also choose to save the file in any format like .pdf or .docx etc., by clicking on corresponding button located at bottom left side of screen.

Paid vs Free Check Stub Makers

There are many check stub makers available on the internet that you can use to create and print your own check stubs. Some of them are free while others charge a small fee for their services. Paid check stub makers provide more features than their free counterparts and also have better support system in place. They also offer free trial periods so that you can test out the software before purchasing it. The best paid check stub maker online is Real Check Stubs. It offers many useful features such as easy to use interface, customizable reports and statements, instant payroll calculations, etc. It also supports a wide variety of tax codes so that you can customize it according to your requirements.

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