When you decide to raise a puppy you and your family are naturally very excited as the puppy is not just a pet but actually a new family member in essence. The puppy wins over the hearts of everyone in the family, especially the kids. It is natural that you would love to call the puppy by a name that you like, and there are many cute dog names to choose from, but it is better to ponder for some time before finalizing as the name will remain stuck for the rest of dog’s life. Here is a list of factors to keep in mind when looking for cute dog names.

Gender of your puppy is important as you do not wish to be ashamed later on as you have named a male puppy with a girlish name. It is better to check on the sex of the puppy before choosing from many cute dog names that are coming across your mind. This helps as you can restrict yourself to either female or male cute dog names depending upon its gender. Breed of the dog is another factor that helps in deciding the name of the puppy. Of course all puppies are small, but if you know the breed, you know how big it will eventually grow. Calling the puppy shorty when it eventually grows huge will obviously look odd.

Qualities or traits of a dog should have an important bearing upon puppy’s name. If the breed is such that the dog is a watchdog or a ferocious one, naming it Sweetie or Lovely may not be appropriate. There are many cute dog names that you can find matching with the potential traits of the puppy. If you are unable to come up with a perfect dog name that matches the nature of the dog when it grows up, you can take help of internet where there are many cute dog names. There are cool names, names from cartoons, mythology names – for example Greek dog names and much more. Be creative.

One thing that people often overlook when naming their puppy is to keep it short and sweet. Choosing too long or tough name makes it troublesome for others later. When you search for cute dog names, avoid a name that is same as one of your acquaintances. Do not make a hurry when choosing a name which is the case when people are bored with the name given to their puppy and wish to change it later. Make sure from the many cute dog names and finalize it in consultation with your family members.

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