As a person ages, their teeth can change. There can be accidents, diseases or also things that happen that require artificial teeth to replace where the real ones have fallen out. Full dentures are hard to get used to in some cases, simply because the lower set can’t be secured as easily as the upper set. That is, until recently. Denture implants have been developed and they are a much more secure way to keep implants in the lower jaw for people who need to wear dentures.

Denture implants can be inserted in the dentist office within an hour in most cases. The procedure will require local anesthetic and is considered minimally invasive. Traditional implants might have required oral surgery, with complete anesthesia and stitches where the implant pieces were inserted under the gum line. Recovery time might take a few days because there is soreness in the mouth. It is much shorter than the procedures performed earlier, which could have taken weeks to recover from.

This newer procedure inserts titanium pegs in to the lower jaw, in the center. The bottom of the dentures snaps in to these pegs, guaranteeing the lower dentures won’t fall out. The snaps do not move unless they are surgically removed by the dentist. The mini implants will always stay in place when they are inserted over the pegs correctly. Regular cleaning and care is still needed for the denture implants, just as you would care for any type of denture piece needed. But, as with anything else, issues can arise with denture implants. If there is something wrong with dentures they should be repaired. Fortunately, there are professional denture implant repairs labs that will fix any dentures problems.

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