Apostille is a notarial certification that can be placed on documents issued in the United States. It certifies the authenticity of a signature, as well as the genuineness and due execution of a document signed by public officials. Apostille is needed for international use, and it is particularly useful when traveling abroad or doing business internationally. There are several ways to obtain apostille certificates in Dallas, Texas.

Apostille in Texas

You can apply for an apostille at any time after your document has been certified by a notary public and signed by two witnesses. You will need to visit one of the following locations:

The State Department of Public Safety (DPS) office: This is where you can obtain an apostille for documents issued by Texas state agencies such as the Department of Public Safety and Department of Education.

The Secretary of State’s Office: This is where you can get an apostille for documents issued by state agencies such as The Texas Department of Transportation and The Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The County Clerk’s Office: You will need to visit this location if you want to get an apostille for documents issued by county agencies such as Dallas County Health & Human Services and The Dallas County Community Services Department.

The Court Clerk’s Office: This is where you can get an apostille for documents issued by the court system, including the Dallas County District Court and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

Why Hire An Apostille Agency?

As you can see , it can be a lot of work to obtain a document that has an apostille. If you need to get an apostille for multiple documents at once, it may be worth considering hiring an apostille document Dallas TX agency that specializes in this process. These companies will help streamline the entire process and ensure that your documents are prepared correctly so they can be sent off to the appropriate government departments without issue.

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