Apostille certificate is a stamp or sticker that is put on the document to make it legitimate. The process of getting your documents apostilled can be long, but it is essential for your documents to be accepted by foreign countries.

Why Documents Need to be Apostilled?

The main reason why you need to get your documents apostilled is because they will not be recognized as authentic without it. For example, if you want to use your degree certificate in another country, then you will have to have it apostilled first. However, this process isn’t just limited to educational documents. It applies to any kind of document such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees and death certificates among others. To avoid any problems in the future, it’s best for you to get all your important documents apostilled before sending them abroad.

How do You Get Your Documents Apostilled?

There are different ways of getting your documents apostilled but the most common one is through an official government agency like the Department of State (DOS) or local Notary Office where these agencies will review and stamp your documents with an official seal or stamp which proves that they were reviewed by authorized officials prior to being used for legal purposes.

It’s important to note that the apostille is not a replacement for an official translation. It simply verifies that your document was reviewed and stamped by an authorized government agency before being used for legal purposes.

You can also have your documents apostilled by the State Department of the United States or any other country that has a similar notary system. The process is relatively simple and you just need to send your documents directly to the agency’s headquarters for review, which usually takes about a week or two.

How Long Does It Take To Get Apostilled in Houston?

The process is pretty fast and it usually takes about one week to get your documents apostilled. The reason for this is because there are just a few steps involved in the process. You will need to make sure that you send your documents directly to the agency’s headquarters for review, which usually takes about a week or two. If you need your documents apostilled faster, you can hire a professional Houston apostille office to help you with the process. They will take care of it for you and make sure that your documents are ready to use as soon as possible.

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