An employee retention tax credit is an incentive offered by the government to encourage employers to keep good employees. The tax credit is generally a percentage of the wages paid to the employee over a period of time.

The incentive is intended to help employers pay for the cost of retaining key employees who are in short supply in their industry or profession, as well as for improving morale and productivity among existing employees.

When you hire an employee, you have to pay a portion of their salary as income tax. However, if you can prove that an employee has been retained due to your efforts and not because they were just lucky enough not to quit in spite of poor management, then you may be entitled to claim a tax credit on your business expenses.

Who Can Qualify For Employee Retention Credit?

To qualify for this credit, your organization must meet certain conditions:

Have fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees on average over the past 12 months (including seasonal workers).

Be eligible for a small business deduction for each year that the credit applies.

Pay eligible salaries or wages during the period when the credit applies.

You cannot claim this credit if you were eligible for the retention tax credit in any of the previous five years or if your business is a specified professional employer organization.

You may claim this credit only if it applies to ineligible salaries and wages paid by an associated corporation.

Consult With Professionals For Help

You may be able to claim employee retention credit if you’re eligible and the business has met all of the requirements. However, you should consult with a tax professional or accountant before claiming it to ensure that you have met all of the criteria. It’s always a good idea to consult with professionals before making any tax-related decisions. Your accountant or tax professional can help determine whether you should claim this credit, what amount of the credit is available and which expenses qualify.

In addition, they can help you make sure that you comply with all of the requirements for claiming the credit. If you’re eligible and have met all of the requirements, employee retention credit could be a great benefit to your business.


The employee retention credit can be a great way to help your business. It’s especially useful for small companies that may not have the resources to provide generous benefits packages. And because it’s a tax credit, it’s essentially free money that you don’t have to pay back.

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