Affidavit of Single Status is a document that states that you are single and not married. This is used for official purposes and it will be filed by your parents or guardian to prove that you are single.

This affidavit is filed in the county clerk’s office or any other civil court where you want to get married. The affidavit of single status Texas will also include your name, age and place of birth; name and address of your parents; your relationship with them; and date of marriage with any previous spouse if any.

The affidavit of single status must be signed by both father and mother in front of a notary public who can then attest the document before filing it at the District Clerk’s Office or any other civil court where they want to get married.

You can file this affidavit in any county throughout Texas. However, if one of your parents lives in another state, then they cannot sign an affidavit in that state but have to come to Texas for signing purpose as well as for filing purpose as well . Once you have the affidavit of single status with your parents’ signature, you can file it at any court in Texas.

There are professional apostille services in Texas providing affidavit single status services that can help you with the process of getting an affidavit of single status. They will also assist you in filing this document at the court.


The affidavit of single status is a legal document that can be used to prove your single status. It is often required in cases where you have been divorced but are filing for child support, custody or visitation rights. If you are looking for professional assistance with this process, then you should contact an apostille service in Texas that can help you with filling out the form and filing it at the courtu.

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