How is Metal Applied to the Workpiece in MIG Welding?

Metal welding is like an art form in some ways, because the way in which the molten metal from the torch is applied to the welded area is subject to a variety of application techniques that can be varied at the judgment of the welder to achieve the desired results on a particular project.

One welder may use a “Globular” method of MIG welding, in which a large ball of molten metal gathers on the end of the torch and then drops onto the workpiece. This technique is cheaper and faster than others, but is more messy and doesn’t produce as strong of a weld as some other techniques.

Another welder may use a “Short-Circuiting” technique of MIG Welding in which a smaller wire is used with a lower current. This allows the welder to move slower and be more accurate, resulting in a better, less-messy weld. It’s called “Short-Circuiting” because the molten metal drains off of the electrode in smaller droplets that are so small they are actually touching the workpiece and short-circuiting the electrical arc. Rather than using the “Short-Circuiting” technique, some other welder may decide upon a “Spray” technique of MIG welding.

This technique is similar to “Short-Circuiting” except that higher voltage and current is used which causes the molten metal to turn from droplets into a spray which sprays on the workpiece. This is handy for when welding aluminum and stainless steel, but is best when used on thicker, flatter pieces due to the high heat and large amount of molten metal produced.

Still another MIG technique, called “Pulsed-Spray”, is like the “Spray” technique, but it uses an electrical source that delivers current in pulses rather than continuously. This requires lower average current and heat, which means this technique can be used on thinner workpieces and a larger variety of workpiece metals.

As you can see, when you learn how to MIG weld, there is a lot of room for judgment and creativity on your part in deciding how you weld in relation to the requirements of your project. Arktek provides highest quality steel fabrication services and all other types of welding and metal fabrication in Perth to meet your welding project needs.

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