How is Metal Applied to the Workpiece in MIG Welding?

Metal welding is like an art form in some ways, because the way in which the molten metal from the torch is applied to the welded area is subject to a variety of application techniques that can be varied at the judgment of the welder to achieve the desired results on a particular project.

One welder may use a “Globular” method of MIG welding, in which a large ball of molten metal gathers on the end of the torch and then drops onto the workpiece. This technique is cheaper and faster than others, but is more messy and doesn’t produce as strong of a weld as some other techniques.

Another welder may use a “Short-Circuiting” technique of MIG Welding in which a smaller wire is used with a lower current. This allows the welder to move slower and be more accurate, resulting in a better, less-messy weld. It’s called “Short-Circuiting” because the molten metal drains off of the electrode in smaller droplets that are so small they are actually touching the workpiece and short-circuiting the electrical arc. Rather than using the “Short-Circuiting” technique, some other welder may decide upon a “Spray” technique of MIG welding.

This technique is similar to “Short-Circuiting” except that higher voltage and current is used which causes the molten metal to turn from droplets into a spray which sprays on the workpiece. This is handy for when welding aluminum and stainless steel, but is best when used on thicker, flatter pieces due to the high heat and large amount of molten metal produced.

Still another MIG technique, called “Pulsed-Spray”, is like the “Spray” technique, but it uses an electrical source that delivers current in pulses rather than continuously. This requires lower average current and heat, which means this technique can be used on thinner workpieces and a larger variety of workpiece metals.

As you can see, when you learn how to MIG weld, there is a lot of room for judgment and creativity on your part in deciding how you weld in relation to the requirements of your project. Arktek provides highest quality steel fabrication services and all other types of welding and metal fabrication in Perth to meet your welding project needs.

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Security Companies In London

Because there are so many different security companies in London, it can be difficult to determine which one will be best fit for your needs. There are two main aspects that should be involved in your search: determining your own security needs and budget allowance and assessing companies for their level of expertise and their professional standards.

With so many seemingly reliable companies available, how can you determine which one you should choose? First, you will need to assess your needs and what you expect from a security company. Are you looking for residential or business security? Do you need manned security, remote monitoring, or a combination of both? Do you want patrolmen, guards, or response officers? Are you looking for additional services like keypad installation and remote supervision or key holding staff? These are factors to be considered when choosing a security company in London. Additionally, you will want to consider your budget. A good company will be able to help you tailor your needs to your budget and reach effective arrangements that don’t compromise your sense of safety.

In order to make an informed decision about your needs, you will need to understand how these different services work and which ones might be helpful to you. In terms of physical security options, there are a few different guard options available. Security guards typically man the premises of your residential or commercial property. These guards are trained to provide visitors with a sense of security while also watching for potential security threats. They can also provide more generalized protection of larger factories or machinery centers. Front of House security staff provides similar protection but, as the name suggests, remain at the entry of a building.

They greet customers or visitors and are trained to search suspicious individuals or groups. There are also reception security agents who can perform a variety of tasks depending on your needs. They can prevent and handle security problems if necessary but can also provide oversight over guest books, help visitors and assist other reception staff. There is also mobile patrol to provide oversight over larger premises. Mobile officers can patrol on foot or by car, depending on how large your premises in and what types of assistance you are looking for.

There are also remote services to protect your building around the clock. Companies can install sensors and cameras that can be specifically engaged according to your schedule. Alarm response systems also help avoid break-ins or other security breaches. In case of emergency, a monitored system will ensure that you receive assistance quickly. Other options available include key holding services. Keys can either be held on your premises by a security guard or can be kept off-premises in a secure location.

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All You Want To Know About Bass Fish

The better technique to attainment in bass fish fishing is to have a knowledge and understanding of the fish themselves. Loaded with this report you will have a more achievement time whenever you are bass fishing. By knowing bass fish you will be able to pay attention all the circumstances and conditions when you are out fishing which will give you a better odd of catching them. So you should keep in mind all the key factors till you decide to try out bass fishing. First you should note how a bass eats.

A recent study placed different types of bait in tanks with bass fish; the result was that the greatest number of time the bass fish to eat anything in the crawfish relatives such as crayfish and crawdads. This is completely because it is easy for the bass to bump into and catch. However, this doesn’t mean you should stick to crawfish all the time when bass fishing since there are still a group of special baits that will achieve simply as well. Choosing the right bass fishing gear like sure bait is a matter of watching the conditions you are in and then experiencing numerous baits till you work out which one performs the best.


All creatures, even bass that live in the water, imply oxygen to subsist. One may wonder what knowing the oxygen content of water will do for bass fish fishing. The fact is that if you are fishing in a niche with lower oxygen content the bass are liable to be more disturbed and lazy reacting. Subsequently you are presumably wondering how you could fix the oxygen content of the water. It is positively quite low, the colder the water the better the oxygen content and the hotter the water the fewer oxygen content there is. So if you are bass fishing in comfortable water it is generally an acceptable guess to try out deeper where chilly water is considered bass prefer the glacial temperatures to the temperate climates.


This is the last key factor you demand for to pay attention when bass fishing. Nonetheless, as long as it comes to bass fish this is an awfully critical constant to understand. Bass fish are seemly to use a place to hide to surprise and ambush their prey as long as they are looking for food. Bass also cannot be in full view to the sun for long periods of time else wise they will go blind. For these reasons you are liable to bump into the greatest amounts of bass not far covers like as plants or downed trees.

Top Tips on Bass Fishing

Even though they might sound the same, hiding place and structure are for real two very diverse things. Cover up is anything that fish could use to stash while motif is something that will change the bottom of the lake.

The answer can indeed vary depending wholly on places you are bass fishing, the season it is and how you are fishing. These types of places are going to be the places where you could bump into the largest grouping of bass. Use your electronics to try and fish structures that you can’t notice with your eyes. Match up these structures with various natural camouflage like as downed trees or plants.

Selecting A Casting Method For Bass Fishing

While casting might seem simple it is visibly one of the maximal bass fishing tips you can get. The rod end should be loaded so that it bends backwards while you are casting which will allow for a smoother release which helps for a quieter approach as well.

Extra Bass Fishing Techniques

This is an wonderful time to use flipping and try to be precise. Also pay attention to the weather and the time of year. If a person is fishing for bass with synthetic bait, learning how to flip the bait makes a big difference.

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Why Do You Need a Patent?

An inventor does not need a patent to make, use, or sell the invention himself but does need to obtain a patent in order to prevent others from doing so. Even after a patent is obtained, the owner of the patent does not have the right to use, make, or sell an invention. For instance, if you improve on someone else’s invention, you would need to license their invention in order to manufacture yours.

The patent right is granted for a limited time in exchange for a full disclosure of the invention. The disclosure must be sufficiently detailed to allow a person of ordinary skill in the art to make and use the invention.

A patent granted by the US government only protects the invention within the United States and its territories and possessions. Foreign patents can also be obtained to protect the invention in other countries, either directly or through organizations like the European Patent Office, which covers most countries in Western Europe.

The patent would protect you from such things that are not protected by trade secrets, such as reverse engineering or someone independently creating the same object.

What is the patent process?

A request is submitted to the US Patent Office, which includes the proper forms, fees and the patent application. The patent application consists of drawings, description, and sentences called claims which express in precise language the things you are claiming as your unique intellectual property. It is recommended to hire a professional agency, such as Invent Help, to prepare everything.

Claims are like the boundary declarations of a deed, in that they define the intellectual property boundaries of what your invention does and doesn’t do.

Once the patent application is submitted, it will be placed on the queue of a group of patent examiners. Anywhere from 3 months to two years (or more for some classes of patents) later, they will review if for obviousness and patentability. Obviousness means that the idea would not be obvious to one who was skilled in the art of building such things as this at the time you filed.

So, for instance, simply gluing a telephone to a washing machine would not be patentable. Patentability means that it is unique based on prior existing items. So if you tried to patent something that already exists or is very similar to something that already exists, you might be denied a patent.

The patent is denied based on each claim unless there are problems with the patent itself, such as would be the case with a perpetual motion machine or there is insufficient support for the claims in the description, among other reasons.

Once the patent is in the queue for 18 months, it will be published unless the inventor states to the patent office at the time of filing that the patent will not be filed in other countries. Even so, there are some advantages to publishing early. Competitors will have notice of your patent and so may be sued for infringement damages from the time the application is published.

When the examiner has problems with the patent, he will either file objections or rejections with the inventor. Objections are problems with the patent, rejections are problems with the claims. It is then up to the inventor or his agency, like InventHelp, to respond to these issues either by modifying the patent or by responding in writing why the examiner is incorrect. The inventor or his representative has a period from 1-6 months to respond.

Once the patent has been approved, the inventor will pay an issue fee and the patent is then published and assigned a patent number. The inventor is then responsible for paying maintenance fees on a schedule set by the patent office at the time of publishing.

The patent is valid for 20 years from the date of original filing or from the date of the earliest filing of any patents that this patent originated from. The twenty years may vary based on delays by the patent office or the inventor, such that patent office delays are added to the life of the patent, and inventor delays are deducted from the patent office delays (but never goes negative).

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Protection of Intellectual Property?

If you have an idea and want to take it from being just an idea to being something of use or value you need an Intellectual Property Lawyer. Intellectual Property law is one of the most challenging and confusing aspects of law and it requires a company with tremendous experience and a wide understanding of Intellectual Property Law to assist in cases where they are needed.

Strange as it may sound, many individuals and businesses are unaware of the intellectual property that they have created, or they often underestimate its value. Therefore, if certain steps are not taken to protect their intellectual property, such intellectual property cannot be exploited to its full commercial potential.

Therefore, the first step in protecting your intellectual property is to identify it. Although it may seem like an obvious process, it is most often not possible to identify the intellectual property of a business without involving specialized expertise.

InventHelp agency is specialized in assisting USA and international clients to identify, protect and exploit their patents, trademarks and registered designs in US and internationally as you can read from this InventHelp review. Should you wish to make use of their expertise, contact them.

What Intellectual Property is Worth

Now that you have registered your trademark or patent, which costs you precious time, money and effort, you might be wondering how much your trademark or patent is actually worth.

If you find the task of determining the value of real property as something difficult, you might find intellectual property (IP) valuation an impossible task. However, you might be forced to do this when the time requires. The big problem is – how are you going to do it? Well, you could always get help from professionals like Invent Help agency – more information about InventHelp.

Without an efficient market, where there are many buyers and sellers, as well as available information prices for technologies and trading, the real market worth of intellectual property might be difficult to ascertain. But there are several tools and valuation models you can use to determine it. The common models used include replacement cost, income approach and discounted cash flow.

Under the replacement value method, IP worth is determined by theoretically computing the cost that one will incur by replacing the property. This practice is very much the same as the development value method, which uses the cost of developing a certain technology as a basis. However, though the theory appears sound, the practice is not as effective.

Using the income approach, on the other hand, intellectual property is valued based on future cash flow, or on the income that will be derived from a particular piece of IP. These would include analysis of IP’s income from product sales or patent licensures, patent useful life, risk factors and discount rates.

When applying the discounted cash flow method, intellectual property value is determined by computing present IP-related cash flow value over the useful life of the asset. The benefit of using this method is that it provides the means of comparing values among different patents or trademarks.

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Ways To Avoid the Virus

You can protect yourself from getting the coronavirus by following certain healthy practices. Some of these are listed below.

Eat healthy – A proper and balanced diet helps to boost the immune system. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables provide you with the right amount of vitamins and nourishment to resist the virus or fight it off once afflicted. Those people with healthy eating habits are less likely to be affected with viral infections. Avoid smoking as this weakens the immune system.

Face Mask ghvgf

Get adequate exercise – This is yet another way of enhancing the immune system in the body. It has been recommended by many doctors and health professionals to work out on a regular basis in order to have a healthier living and improved power of the immune system to resist many types of diseases including the virus.

Maintain hygiene – Keeping the body, especially the hands, clean are very important in preventing viral infections. Every time you shake someone’s hand, wash yours. Wash your hands regularly in order to dilute the germs picked up from the environment and to send then down the drain. You may also bring with you a sanitizing gel which you can use when necessary. Wear a face mask, such as the N95 mask.

Get vaccinated – Vaccinations, where available, are found to be very effective in preventing people getting affected by this virus.

There are many ways to prevent yourself from getting affected by coronavirus. One of the most effective ways is to opt for the vaccination. This vaccination is highly recommended for nearly all individuals of all age groups.

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How To Name Your Puppy

When you decide to raise a puppy you and your family are naturally very excited as the puppy is not just a pet but actually a new family member in essence. The puppy wins over the hearts of everyone in the family, especially the kids. It is natural that you would love to call the puppy by a name that you like, and there are many cute dog names to choose from, but it is better to ponder for some time before finalizing as the name will remain stuck for the rest of dog’s life. Here is a list of factors to keep in mind when looking for cute dog names.

Gender of your puppy is important as you do not wish to be ashamed later on as you have named a male puppy with a girlish name. It is better to check on the sex of the puppy before choosing from many cute dog names that are coming across your mind. This helps as you can restrict yourself to either female or male cute dog names depending upon its gender. Breed of the dog is another factor that helps in deciding the name of the puppy. Of course all puppies are small, but if you know the breed, you know how big it will eventually grow. Calling the puppy shorty when it eventually grows huge will obviously look odd.

Qualities or traits of a dog should have an important bearing upon puppy’s name. If the breed is such that the dog is a watchdog or a ferocious one, naming it Sweetie or Lovely may not be appropriate. There are many cute dog names that you can find matching with the potential traits of the puppy. If you are unable to come up with a perfect dog name that matches the nature of the dog when it grows up, you can take help of internet where there are many cute dog names. There are cool names, names from cartoons, mythology names – for example Greek dog names and much more. Be creative.

One thing that people often overlook when naming their puppy is to keep it short and sweet. Choosing too long or tough name makes it troublesome for others later. When you search for cute dog names, avoid a name that is same as one of your acquaintances. Do not make a hurry when choosing a name which is the case when people are bored with the name given to their puppy and wish to change it later. Make sure from the many cute dog names and finalize it in consultation with your family members.

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Choosing The Best Guinea Pig Food

Believe it or not, cavies are pickier eaters than little kids! At a very early age a cavy will develop it’s own food preferences, and once it decides what it likes it is very hard to get them to change their diets. A sudden change in their diet can cause so much stress to your cavy that it may stop eating and drinking altogether. This refusal to accept changes in their diets sometimes results in cavies starving themselves to death. Don’t let this worry you however. You can avoid this type of problem by feeding your cavy a balanced and healthy diet from the time it is young.

Unlike many rodents which are omnivores, cavies are herbivores. They are strict vegetarians. And they have very unique and specific nutritional requirements quite different from other types of rodents. If your cavy doesn’t receive proper nutrition, or a balanced diet, it may suffer from a variety of health problems, and could even lead to early death.

Another important aspect to your cavy’s diet is providing sufficient roughage for aid with digestions, but also to help keep his teeth worn down. Cavies teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, and if they don’t have something to chew on that wears their teeth down they will develop dental problems that could lead to additional health problems. Hay is excellent for both purposes, and should be included in your cavy’s diet.

The majority of your pet’s diet should consist of commercial, pelleted guinea pig food. Their are many excellent cavy foods on the market. Generally speaking, these commercial cavy foods are formulated with all the ingredients required to provide proper nutrition and vitamins for your pet. The exception to this is vitamin C. Although commercial food pellets will contain vitamin C, the vitamin loses it’s potency very quickly once the package is opened.

Cavies are like humans in that they cannot produce their own vitamin C. And vitamin C is essential in your cavy’s daily diet so that it doesn’t get scurvy. You can provide your cavy with additional vitamin C by feeding him dark green and leafy vegetables every day that are loaded with the vitamin, like kale, broccoli, and parsley. Some celery as well as you can see from this article – Is celery safe for guinea pigs on Petsium. You might also need to provide them with vitamin C by adding it to their drinking water. You can’t overdose your cavy on vitamin C, but you can cause harm by not giving him enough on a daily basis.

As a good guideline, an adult cavy should eat approximately 6 percent of it’s body weight in food each day. This works out to be approximately 1 ounce of food for every pound that he weighs. Young cavies that are growing, pregnant cavies, and nursing cavies may need as much as two to three times this amount of food.

Cavies also like fruit, but because these fruits can be high in sugar you need to limit the amount of fruit that you give your cavy to about one-half teaspoon per day. More than that will lead to having a fat little piggy!

The ideal guinea pig food and cavy diet will provide the perfect balance of nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. A combination of commercial cavy food, fresh leafy vegetables, some hay, and a little bit of fruit will create a diet that will keep your cavy happy and healthy!

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Confidential STD Testing

Getting STD tested can be simple, confidential and convenient as a walk-in clinic where you would only need to leave a blood or urine sample. No embarrassing open butt gowns or doctors poking at you – you can even receive your results online in as little as a few days depending on the test you choose.

Don’t avoid the chance to get STD tested because you feel that other people will look at you as if you are actually infected. You should be confident that you are in charge of your own health and are not ignorant to the fact that STD’s are a part of reality – NO one that is sexually active can say that with 100% confidence that they are STD free. There are at home STD test kits, so you can tested at home.

For those who are sexually active, the CDC recommends a minimum of yearly testing for: HIV, Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. Out of those diseases, syphilis and HIV may be fatal or life threatening if not treated correctly early on. Furthermore, gonorrhea and Chlamydia are now on the rise in statistics for being left untreated, since they may not show symptoms until later stages of the infection.

When you have any signs and symptoms like unusual discharge from your penis or vagina, genital sores, ulcerations, and fluid-filled blisters, then GET STD TESTED now.

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Top 3 foods for the vegetarians

When you are not eating animal proteins, then you need to be aware of your diet. Your regular diet should be proper and healthy. If you ask what do vegetarians eat then in an answer you can check the foods mentioned below.

Lentils is the first answer of what do vegetarians eat

Lentils can be one of the best sources for iron in the human body. It is like beans but more beneficial than beans. The fibers in the lentils can keep you healthy if you consume it on a regular basis as it has a good amount of vitamin B which is important for the women and the children. It is a good legume that can help the new vegetarians to stay healthy.

You can prepare the soup of the lentils in an easy and fast manner, and it tastes fantastic as well.

Nuts are full of calorie and protein

Nuts are important for the vegetarians. If you ask what do vegetarians eat for protein, then you need nothing can be better than adding some nuts to your daily breakfast. There are numerous kinds of nuts available in the market like almonds, pecans, macadamias and more. These nuts are rich in protein and can keep you energetic as well. These nuts are good sources of the omega-3 fatty acid which are important for human bodies. Almonds are full of fibers which are also needed to the human bodies.

The nuts have high calorie which is also good for the kids and the women. It can be a good ingredient that can be eaten with a glass of water if you ask what do vegetarians eat for breakfast.

Grains can be the beneficial food for the vegetarians

Grains are important for the human body as it contains a good amount of vitamin B12 which is rarely found in other foods what do vegetarians eat. It keeps the body safe from the colon cancer and other kinds of digestive problems. The grains should be taken by them who ask what do vegetarians eat instead of meat. There are also plant based meats and you can buy plant based meat on the internet. Grains are not rich in vitamin only, but it is a good source of the nutrients n the human bodies. This can be a good source of zinc, iron, and calcium as well.

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